“How to describe Miranda? Amazing…Brilliant…Superb! I have received coaching from Miranda since 2012 across all different levels of academia and life. The first time I met Miranda was on a revision course for my A-Levels. Whilst Miranda didn’t necessarily teach my subjects, that didn’t matter. She helps with the wider picture, such as time planning, making the most of that time and how to revise effectively. Everyone has different ways of learning and for Miranda, that’s no issue for she can easily deduce what works best for you and how to put these methods into place.
Moving on in life, I then required Miranda’s services again come the end of my time at university and finals where looming. When you have 3 years’ worth of knowledge that you need to remember it can seem rather daunting, but with her help I managed to get my life and brain sorted and came out the other side with a 1st. This was down to Miranda’s support and the strategies she helped me put into place.
After University came the struggle that faces most 20 somethings: what do I actually do with my life? Having spent the past couple of years focusing on obtaining my degree I realised that it was not an area I wanted to be working in and it was not going to give me the Job satisfaction that I was after. Not really knowing what to do, Miranda helped me identify what my strengths and weaknesses are and what careers suited me. Even though I am currently working in a sector I never thought I would, I am thoroughly enjoying what I do, I look forward to what the future brings and I am “living my best life.” Would I recommend Miranda to anyone seeking academic, career or life advice?…yes, 100%!”
Jacques Amy, former student and new career-starter

‘Miranda is a truly inspiring and engaging speaker, who cleverly delivers her message with enthusiasm and passion for her subject.’
Clive Rickart, The Society of Heads

I have known Miranda professionally for over 9 years. I was recommended to Miranda as a business coach to help me broaden my management responsibilities following an acquisition that doubled the size of my division across diverse locations from L.A. to New Delhi. Over the next 5 years, Miranda helped with coaching my senior management team and more latterly, Miranda has provided career management coaching for promising staff. So, I believe I’m well placed to recommend Miranda.
Possibly Miranda’s biggest strength is with her ability to put people at ease and quickly breakdown guards and barriers that would otherwise diminish the effectiveness of a coaching session. We started all coaching programs with an open 3-way conversation where the manager provides context and objectives are agreed. Thereafter, the conversations are private but the openness and positivity that Miranda promotes generally results in a collaborative and constructive relationship that is equally beneficial for the employee and manager.
In building a successful team, recognition of character strengths and motivators are as important as understanding an individual’s technical ability. I have greatly valued Miranda’s contribution to myself and our managers in helping to bring out the best in our staff and build strategies for addressing weaknesses. I am sure that you would realize the same benefits and I have no hesitation in recommending Miranda to you for professional coaching services.
Dave Grisley, former CIO of global insurance corporation

I have been working with Miranda for many years now, during which she has helped me through many different phases of life including a massive career change. After working with Miranda, I have more clarity on what being successful looks like to me and how to incorporate my values and the things that are important to me in my career. Miranda’s approach is unique and tailored; her expertise covers everything from practical strategies for navigating a challenging professional environment to providing a forum to discuss sensitive topics and mapping a route forward.
Dean Benton – National Head of Athletic Performance, Rugby Australia; former Head of Sports Science, England Rugby

Miranda provides clarity when life becomes complicated. She has an intuitive mind to help all walks and styles through all the kinds of difficulties that being human brings. Miranda provides passion, positivity and power to all situations and, most importantly, helps you understand what you need to do to overcome any problems you face, however big or small.”
JF – CEO Global Logistics Hong Kong

Oh Banks, what would we have done without you?!  You have not only been a fantastic help to me this year professionally, but you’ve also been a great friend.  Having you around is like a breath of fresh air!  It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you and, yes, you can put this in your Sunshine Book!
Peta S (former State netball team captain), Australia

Through the years I have worked with Miranda, she has helped me develop personally and professionally both on and off the field. Miranda has helped the team and I deal with many significant issues throughout her time at Queensland Rugby including change of head coaches, player suicides, team disharmony, leadership issues and team losses. Each player knew you could call on her at any time and she would drop anything to provide immediate assistance.
David C (former professional rugby player), Queensland, Australia

Banksie, you are an absolute treasure!  I have never met a Sports Psych whom I absolutely adore, until you.  Thank you for the enjoyment and fun times as well as the help.
Jo M (coach & former Australian and State netball team player), Australia

What We Do

To start, coaching goals are set with our client, corporate, sport or individual, to ensure that the coaching path is focussed, outcome-based and puts our client at the centre of the process. Topics for coaching vary depending on client need, but common topics include Read more

Whereas coaching emphasises the role of the client as holding their own answers, with coaching simply the process of encouraging those answers to appear, mentoring is rather more directive, where the mentor offers skills and advice. Psychological practice is often a combination of coaching and mentoring Read more

Miranda has been welcoming individual clients to home in France for the last couple of years, offering time away from other distractions to truly focus on coaching goals, balanced with a stay in their beautiful farmhouse in the glorious Dordogne, South-West France Read more