• To start, coaching goals are set with our client, corporate, sport or individual, to ensure that the coaching path is focussed, outcome-based and puts our client at the centre of the process. Topics for coaching vary depending on client need, but common topics include:
    Leadership coaching: Increasing effectiveness of performing as a leader whether experienced or new to the role, with an optional focus on ‘cascade leadership’ for the organisation, enabling the techniques acquired at the top to cascade throughout the levels of the team.
    Coaching business performance: : Starts by clarifying ‘who is the business’ and ‘what do we stand for?’ as well as setting goals, commercial and internal, the performance journey is then mapped out to assess individual fit for roles; identifying gaps in competencies; strategic decision-making around talent management and acquisition; then coaching together with individual learning plans for individual performance to directly align with organisational goals
    Coaching team performance: Working with all members of the team to enhance individual performance as well as the operations between team members and functions , to maximise the engagement and productivity of team performance.
    Coaching individual performance: This is driven by the relative strengths and development areas for the individual, but will often include improving efficiency; improving outcomes; improving life balance, health and wellbeing
    Coaching for the future: ‘Anticipatory coaching’, this includes career planning; planning for a large move either geographically or with regard to employment; coaching for life change either at the start, middle or towards the end of a career path
    Coaching lifestyle: For clients who wish to kick-start their health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally
    Coaching presence and public-speaking: For clients who wish to improve and/or consolidate their presence as leaders, this includes building and refining communication skills for public-speaking and developing powers of influence
    Coaching positivity and creativity: Although positive psychology is core to any of the coaching applications, the benefits of a positive mindset regardless of role in life has been shown to increase resilience, reduce anxiety and lengthen life. Equally, harnessing the right-hemisphere of the brain through creative activities has also been shown to improve conceptual understanding; increase generation of ideas and promote wellbeing. Coaching in all topics will incorporate positive and creative strategies, and coaching in this alone has also been popular and effective